AthenaHealth Electronic Medical Record Benefits for Physicians
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Samaritan OB/GYN uses athenahealth’s EMR to track the medical records of its patients. Dr. Stephen Schuermann loves the convenience and ease of the web-based system. Dr. Stephen Schuermann can log in anytime, anywhere. Dr. Stephen Schuermann does not need to travel to the office to retrieve medical records of patients. Dr. Stephen Schuermann can access patient records from the comfort of his own home, no matter if he’s on vacation or not.

Why choose AthenaHealth EMR to Improve Your Health?

The Athenahealth EMR is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an EMR which integrates health records with telemedicine. These solutions are designed to meet the modern patient care requirements. The patient portal allows patients to view their medical history and request refills. Patients can also make appointments, pay bills and schedule appointments. Athenahealth offers a mobile app which allows patients to view their charting and patient information.

Athenahealth offers many billing tools, including athenaNet. AthenaNet was designed to maximize revenue collection. It prevents denials, and guarantees timely payment. Athenahealth can’t manage all aspects of billing but it can offer guidance to coders and billers to make them more productive. It doesn’t offer a comprehensive revenue cycle management outsourcing program, which would cover all aspects of billing and coding.

Athenahealth EMR provides cloud-based services for physicians and other healthcare professionals. These products are easy to use, even for people who have never used an EMR. This increases user adoption. Athenahealth EMR is less expensive than its rivals. It’s possible to provide better care for a lower price than other EMRs. Doctors can work remotely with the mobile app. Access to the automated patient portal is also available.

AthenaHealth EMR features that make it different from other platforms


Athenahealth, an EMR vendor, specializes in this area. It provides multiple solutions for different specialties, and has won numerous industry awards. AthenaOne EMR pricing is very competitive. There are no hidden charges, contracts, fees or fees. Integration fees are not charged. It can be integrated with third party applications. The company intends to expand its services to small hospitals.

AthenaOne EMR makes patient management easier and more efficient. It handles administrative tasks as well as quality services for doctors. It can keep track of orders and close the loop. Through the embedded quality rules, doctors have easy access to the latest quality standards and best practice information. This allows them to be in compliance with all industry standards. The athenahealth EMR can help increase revenue by reducing administrative time, and increasing productivity.

AthenaNet users can log in with their credentials. Access to athenaNet can be done using touch ID or faceID. This application will simplify the charting process and allow clinicians to enjoy a better work-life mix. The robust application can track all data, even health-related documents. This application will allow patients and healthcare professionals to focus on the patient. It can simultaneously handle up to four patients.

Athenahealth Billing Tool

Athenahealth EMR allows you to maximize profit. A member of the medical billing staff can manage scrub billing, E&M code creation and charge posting. In just eight seconds, the platform can submit claims and scrub them. All you have to do is submit the bill.

Athenahealth provides a patient charting service which allows you to see a patient’s past and active medications. This feature allows you to see how many prescriptions have been refilled within the last few days, and even lets you order a new one. Patients can also be checked for drug interactions. Athenahealth offers a lab tab that allows you to review the results from recent tests. You can also order additional tests.

Athenahealth has a large provider network, with more than 160,000 providers and over 100 million patients. Athenahealth tracks data from all providers in order to improve patient care and avoid gaps. AthenaHealth provides consulting services to help you optimize your scheduling policies, track collections, and improve your collection tracking. This will enable you to concentrate your efforts on high-paying markets.

AthenaHealth Cloud Based Services

Athenahealth EMR cloud-based healthcare services offer a complete solution. It is used daily by over 160,000 doctors, and more than 106 million patients. All customers include hospitals, clinics, and physician practices like Trinity Health, CareWell Urgent Care, and New York-Presbyterian. Trinity Health in Birmingham and the University of Alabama are both athenahealth customers.

AthenaOne’s cloud-based EMR is intuitive and easy to use. It makes it easy to manage medical billing and administrative tasks. It combines clinical equipment, patient engagement skills and professional offerings to maximize clinical results and financial returns. It comes with no hidden fees, which is a great bonus. To communicate with their doctors and other health care providers, patients can log in to the EHR. All records are protected. EHRs that are cloud-based can be customized to display a practice’s logo.

Athenahealth provides cloud-based and mobile healthcare software that can help you improve your clinical productivity. It is easy to use and doesn’t require any training. This makes it more popular. It’s also less expensive than other software which allows healthcare providers to provide better patient care while saving money. Athenahealth is a great choice for healthcare providers. This article will provide more information about athenahealth’s EMR.


Prices for Athenahealth EMR differ depending on the features you choose. Monthly cost for the base plan is $140 per provider. If you need advanced features or third-party applications, you will probably pay more. It is possible to hire additional staff. This can increase the cost. If you are a small practitioner, Athenahealth EMR will not cost much.

Athenahealth EMRs are not priced based on how many physicians use them. However, it is important to keep in mind that the software can be complex. You can expect to pay as much as $9400 per year if you plan to use all of the features. Hidden costs like training and migration are also possible. Your start-up costs could rise to approximately $1,000 if you need to import 1,000 patient records and hold multiple training sessions.

Athenahealth EMR users employ between ten to fifty people and make between $1 million to $10 million annually. This is the best place to begin if you’re looking for an EMR cloud-based that can perform many back-office functions, and requires less staff. This will allow you to save money on server maintenance and private hosting servers. This is particularly important for small practices. Keep in mind, however, that this software was created for larger businesses.

Brand of Athenahealth

Athenahealth EMR has a score of 4.8. However, it does have some flaws. It is difficult to use the EMR software, even though the company claims it is a leader in medical tech. Their pricing structure is not competitive, and their profitability has been affected due to increased computations. Be sure to weigh the pros and con’s of each EMR software provider before you make your decision.

Before it was privatized, Athenahealth EMR was one of America’s most popular cloud-based EMRs. The company suffered from disappointing bookings and a decline in revenue in a highly competitive market. The company’s issues aside, the new owners plan on quickly growing it and creating a multi-sided digital healthcare network. While many medical professionals like the simplicity of the platform and others worry about the high price, some are more concerned about the cost.

Final Verdict

Athenahealth offers cloud-based services and mobile health software. Even those with no IT knowledge can use the system. It is affordable compared to other EMR software and offers many third-party integrations. It also allows integration with third-party software, such as EHRs. Athenahealth offers a competitive alternative.