A Day When I Was Very Happy

I was like a dog with two tails when my parents started planning to purchase a house or land in Chandigarh. We have been living in a rented house and sometimes we are in deep water as there is not enough space if someone has to stay with us, Hence it has become very important to have our own house. Nowadays I am feeling like I am on cloud nine simply because having your own house. That pleasant feeling can not be written in words. Earlier we were sitting on a fence to buy a house since there are several cases of fraud nowadays. But after all, one has to come out of his/her comfort zone. Buying your own house in Chandigarh is a hard nut to crack it as well as going to break the bank.

The nature of human beings consists of every emotion, Which cannot be the same for so long. It has to be changed to feel something new in life otherwise life will be monotonous. Above all, there is a dearth of genuine happiness since most of the time our happiness depends on materialistic things. I am aware of very well what I am waiting about is only materialistic thing and happiness depends on such thing may not be for so long time because you have to act according to the situation as sometime you blow your top However, sometime you will be on top of the world since such conditions are Inevitable in life. 

Most of the people prefer running away from all those things which put them into deep water hence they are frustrated their entire life. Apart from it things such as family, school, work, life, responsibilities and relationship either they want to get rid of them or start giving them cold shoulders which leads them on the verge of breaking up. Eventually they are nostalgic, after all somebody has rightly said that blood is thicker than water. 

Once I read in one of the books by Ruskin Bond where he said that he was not running away from things that were making him displeased, But he was running to have something new in life. Let us cut to the chase. Writing about buying a new house of your own is similar to having something new in life such as a new area, people, house and most important new challenges which life and God have planned in advance. And that is for sure  once we leave this place and people, we will be like a fish out of water for some period of time. 

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