9 Fun Facts About Air Conditioning Ideas Before you Buy
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How did people live before air conditioning?
The basic concept of air conditioning is to use evaporative cooling and that is exactly what the Egyptians did. They hung water-soaked reeds from their windows so that when the wind blew, the cold water evaporated from the reeds and cooled the air. From the people who have built gigantic pyramids, we would expect no less. However, ancient Rome was even more sophisticated. They circulated water from the aqueducts through the walls and kept some houses cool.

Who was the first to condition the environment?
More than half a century ago, the Persians, between wars and conquests, were the first to acclimatize space so that their army could rest on days of a heat wave. For more info Click here ac repair Davie

Who was the father of air conditioning?
Willis Carrier is the “father of air conditioning”. It was in 1902 that this engineer realized that he could “manufacture” air with specific amounts of humidity, thus creating the basic basis of modern air conditioning.

How does this help science?
Air conditioning and air conditioning devices, such as Mitsubishi Electric, are the great allies of science and medicine. Since, with these temperature changes, epidemics can be controlled and prevented from spreading.

Where were the first air conditioners installed?
The first devices were installed in department stores, cinemas and theaters which were tired of losing spectators on the hot summer evenings of the 1920s. The halls were no longer deserted and began to receive long lines of eager people. to have fun in a cool atmosphere. environment.

Air conditioning is considered one of the main inventions of mankind:
Air conditioning is considered one of the main inventions of mankind, not only because it allows us to live more comfortably, but also because without it the development of industries such as pharmacy, printing, and feeding would be impossible. Moreover, without air conditioning, transatlantic flights would not exist and it would be impossible to maintain active laboratories that develop drugs, hospitals, computers and Internet servers, for example.

A temperature difference with the outside of 12 degrees is not healthy
Although the comfort temperature in summer is often debated, in general, it is generally recommended to regulate air conditioning equipment at an ambient temperature of 26 degrees Celsius.

This is due to the fact that the climatic conditions of summer and the lighter clothes that are usually used in the summer mean that an interior temperature regulation of 26 degrees is more than enough to find comfort.

In any case, in order not to harm people’s health, it is recommended that the temperature difference inside and outside does not exceed 12 degrees Celsius.

Do we all perceive the same thermal sensation?
Well, it won’t. The differences between men and women are also notable in this sector, since the two sexes do not perceive temperature changes in the same way. They need average temperatures of 25 ºC to be comfortable, while males tend to feel comfortable at temperatures of 22 ºC on average. 1 Broward County AC repair: Parkland, Pompano Beach, Deerfield Beach, Fort Lauderdale & Davie. Satisfaction guaranteed.