A surprising color combination can transform a dull room into something lively if used correctly. Designer  Breegan Jane explains that unexpected combinations of colors can create visual interest and cohesiveness in a room. It’s also a reminder of the fact that design doesn’t have to be limited to what is obvious. Interior designers in delhi There are many other ways to add nuance and meaning to a space.

Are you interested in changing the tone of the colors in your home? I asked eight designers what surprising color combinations could work in a dull room. Here’s their advice along with proof–photos showing the shades in action in their homes or projects.


Sage green and steel blue

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Blogger Victoria Ford of Prepford Widow decided to go bold with a coastal-inspired combination of grayish and sage green. To create a nautical look, she painted the vintage Sink in Sherin Williams’ Privilege green after installing Capri blue-striped floor tiles from Codice. She says that she used Fresh kicks by Clare on the walls to balance the colors and let the key colors shine. It’s not your usual navy blue and red nautical decor, which is exactly why the room feels fresh and unpredictable.

Chartreuse and black-and-white


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Are you looking for a creative way to revitalize a black-and-white color scheme with a timeless look? Designers Tavia Forbes and Monet Masters recommend adding a little greenish-yellow to the mix. Masters says that a splash of bright chartreuse can be the focal point in a black-and-white space if applied carefully. However, it is important to apply the color in a way that is obvious and intentional, such as an accent wall, or a piece of furniture.

Purple and orange

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Rachel Cannon, designer of Rachel Cannon Limited says that a little bit of purple or orange can make a room or kitchen look more elegant than an all-white one. She says that eggplant and tangerine are some of her favorite color combinations. It adds an extra layer of interest to a traditional space, making it both sophisticated and refreshing.

Magenta and yellow

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Melissa Warner Rothblum, designer at Massucco Warner, says that magenta and yellow can be used in furniture, so long as you balance the boldness of this combination with soft, neutral colors. She suggests that you use ivory or deep gray to balance the bright yellow and magenta tones and keep the room sophisticated and refined.

Purple and green


Are you looking for a way to control a large piece of art in space? Designer Gail Davis suggests painting the walls a deep, saturated green. She says that Benjamin Moore’s  yellow-green was used in this home’s staircase hall to complement the client’s amazing art in warm earth tones, and an oil [painting] with a vibrant purple hue.” The colors were cool but the contrast was striking and graphic. Interior designers in Delhi elevate a utilitarian space to electric status.

Pink and teal

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Artist and interior stylist Ashley Whiteside recommends painting each room a different color when working with architecture that doesn’t allow for natural breaks between rooms. She explains that the space’s entryway and dining area are very fluid. However, I wanted to make the dining room stand out so I painted it bright rosy pink (Clare’s Season). The entryway’s deep blue-green walls create contrast but they complement each other in all light and at all hours of the day.

Turquoise and yellow/gold

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You are trying to find a combination of warm and cool colors that will catch attention and not overwhelm the space. Jane recommends pairing turquoise with gold or yellow. She explains that she uses this combination in her own designs by using a lighter-colored wood flooring as a base. Then, I use a deep turquoise-colored piece of upholstered furniture to pop against the warm flooring. The flooring’s gold undertones are enhanced by adding gold accents to the color scheme.

Blue and orange


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Designer John McClain suggests the classic color wheel combination of orange and blue if you are looking for a high-contrast, high-impact color combination. He explains that complementary colors can “explode off one another by their nature.” “In this Los Angeles pied a-terre wood tones as well as metallic accents serve supporting roles to the navy sofa, rust ottoman, and bring them together like a happy, extended family.


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