7 Ways Online Chess Classes Can Enhance Your Child’s Social Life

We’ve seen you, your parents. You are juggling a lot these days! Between working online at school, at home, and juggling our ever-changing environment and the constant pressure of work, burnout is now fully established.


Many of you are looking through educational websites and trying to make sure that your child is up-to-date. The days of play, extracurricular activities and sports teams are away and we are sure parents are trying to figure out new ways to keep their children active in their social lives … within an appropriate and safe manner. !

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Parents, don’t worry We have the solution: Storytime Chess Online Lessons!


Here are seven reasons to consider Story Time Chess online lessons are the best method to help your child improve their social life.


1. Online Chess classes create a secure and healthy environment where children can play in between school hours.

It is a given the internet is the most secure choices currently. However, we are aware that their friends aren’t happy with children! Participating in an online chess program lets you breathe easier knowing that your family is healthy both mentally and physically.


Social interaction with other children is crucial to the mental and emotional health for your child. Children should continue to develop their social skills in order to reap the many benefits from their interactions with classmates and friends. An online chess storytime lets children develop your social skills within a stimulating and secure space.


2. Chess is the ideal method of practicing losing without shame and winning in a humble manner.

Studies have shown that losing games can be beneficial for children since it teaches children to be able to feel and cope with the pain of losing. Because of its nature, chess can be an excellent opportunity for kids to be able to experience the ups and downs of losing and winning with their colleagues.


There are no teams for sports and other games of competition that can be played An online Story Time Chess group class is a fantastic opportunity to experience healthy competition. The loss of a game in online chess lessons helps kids to learn from their mistakes, and also develop empathy for others who are in the same position. Achieving wins helps children realize the importance of work hard and its potential reward!


3. Our tutors are great!

Story Time Chess tutors are more than just teachers ; they’re chess players who are trained storytellers and artists, mentors creatives, and one of the best human beings we’ve met. They are genuinely concerned about the lives of their students. They come to class with a plethora of challenges and questions that engage and test. Our teachers take the time to engage all students in the class and assist them in communicating with one another!


Our classes are centered around what we refer to as “ah-ha!” moments. These are the moments where a chess story from a storytime leads to a new understanding in the game of Chess. They are the masters at “ah-ha!” When kids discuss these interesting and enjoyable discovery with their peers it’s the ideal way to get chess lessons!


4. Join us to receive Story Time Chess online classes with your fellow classmates!

Story Time Chess online courses are small group courses that can accommodate up to four participants. This is a fantastic opportunity for your child as well as their peers to design an activity each week! As per Professor Dr. Mitch Prinstein, mental health expert as well as professor of UNC The brain reacts to the absence of social interactions in the same way as it would be afflicted by physical illness or pain. Simply put, children must to be involved in meaningful social relationships with classmates.


From week to week your child will improve their chess game while also learning in a social environment with their peers. Story Time Chess offers online classes for both intermediate and beginning players. This means you will be able to find the ideal lesson to meet the chess requirements of your child as well as their classmates.

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5. A chess storytime online will connect your child to other chess enthusiasts from across the country.

The online chess classes we offer are filled with students from all over the world! The opportunity to interact with children from various areas of the nation is a fantastic opportunity this historical moment provides us with and we’re embracing this opportunity fully.


Chess is a language that is widely spoken and we appreciate the notion that children from different countries can learn together. When our tutors communicate with students you will be able to learn interesting facts about various regions of the country as well as the children that live in them. Story Time Chess online courses could even revive the old practice of friendship with pen-pals across the nation!


6. The class sizes allow for both social interaction as well as individual attention.

Size of class matters, especially in the virtual world. Online courses at Story Time Chess are vast enough to allow interaction and creativity with other students, and also the personalized and particular focus to the Story Time Chess tutor.


7. Learning with peers online can help you develop technology mastery in the near future.

Technology will not go away! Our world is set to forever change due to the shift to online learning and digital gatherings And kids are adjusting more quickly than adults. Through taking an online chess class children are able to learn the intricate details of text messages and social media cues online, tools that will help them for their professional and adult lives.

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