7 Top Ways to Create Stellar Content for Marketing
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Content ideas flow in the mind naturally, right. But sometimes you are struggling hard to discover the best idea for content creation and find yourself blank and pondering what to write. At last, you ended up with frustration and think of giving up with time.

So,to make your content creation process and create stellar content, this guide is designed to help you out. Whether you are an old stagger or new to content marketing, crafting well-versed content is an issue faced by everyone.

That is the prominent reason for listing down the go-to strategies to create inspirational content for your readers. If you follow the tips mentioned below will help to uncover stellar topics and bring a targeted audience to your blog.

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Find out-trend topics

Finding hot and trendy topics is considered as the goldmine for your content marketing. You can use sites like Reddit where people ask questions about different topics. This gives a chance to browse different topics and read the most popular discussions, so it is the best way to seek trending matters and search keywords to come up with highly optimized content. It will help to bring more traffic to your site.

Look for SEO potential topics

SEO is one of the best ways to improve content marketing and create brand awareness in the targeted marketplace. You need to find your targeted niche; you can use tools like Google search console and Ahrefs to look for the search visitors with different queries.

You can even scroll the competitor’s website to get an idea for content creation and determine what type of content their audience loves most. Make sure you choose the SEO potential topic for your content.

Create a headline framework

Creating a unique headline framework is another important thing a content creator should consider. You all need to swipe the popular headline to have an idea for making a great headline. To make the best headlines you can use different platforms like Wikipedia and YouTube to seek captivating headlines.

Suppose you are creating a blog on how to get a Wikipedia page approved and tempting about making an attention-grabbing headline, you can check YouTube for better ideas.

For instance: 

  • How to get a Wikipedia page approved?
  • Get an approved Wikipedia page in 5 simple steps

Check “People also Ask” query on google 

When you search for your topic on Google search engine, it shows the top queries on “People Also Ask” that individuals are looking for. It is the best part of creating competitive content. You can get an idea about what your targeted audience wants to know. So, you can create content that meets the requirements of your targeted audience.

The thing is PAA box does not tell you how many people are seeking such questions every month. But you can get the important information for your blog post and have chances to get ranked on the Google search engine.

Know the pain points of customers through case studies 

If you want to uncover the customer pain points, combine several case studies to get a clearer picture to understand what they actually want. You can read different case studies, so it helps to improve the pipeline and increase brand awareness which eventually results in greater sales.

Another aspect you can consider is to check the competitors’ paid keywords. This will help in creating the list of keywords and see what keywords are more competitive and valuable. When you follow this approach, you can likely drive more conversions.

Use content idea generator

Sometimes it happens that content creators feel stuck, they do not get an idea for creating a proper outline. Using blog idea generator tools is one of the great things you can use to start your content writing process.

The content idea generator tool gives you a quick about how to make your content more engaging, help to make authentic content, and add diversity to your content. You can use HubSpot idea generator, impact blog title generator, SEOPressor’s blog generator, etc.

Updates the existing content

Many of you usually focus on creating new content to get the best results and improve brand awareness. But, updating your existing content helps to drive more traffic than the new one. If you are willing to maximize your ROI, you need to update your previous content, and add new videos and images to retain your customers.

If your blog has lost significant traffic, prioritize its update to increase search traffic. However, it is worth investing time and effort in updating your existing content.

Final Thoughts

The key to creating stellar content is to start by having the proper understanding of your targeted customers. You have to look at their pain points, so you can brainstorm your idea, provide the right solutions, and earn greater ROI.