Here are FIVE Overlooked Benefits of Owning a Swimming Pool

Fitness Opportunities

It’s pretty common knowledge that swimming is one of the best forms of cardio and a great way to get many muscles working all at once. Having your own pool is a super convenient way of working out, meaning you won’t need to hit the gym quite as often as before. Also, being a non-swimmer is not a set back as you can do various forms of aquatic exercise including light walking or jogging in the pool. When you have your own pool, exercising on the ground becomes so mainstream!

Mental Health & Sleep Better

People always seem to associate water with positivity and a pool is no exception. Having your own pool can become a source of tranquillity and peace for you without even needing to take a dip. Simply gazing into your own backyard oasis can help you to rejuvenate your senses and if you go as far as actually getting in you could sleep a whole lot better as a result. Cool water is known to lower your body temperature which in turn forces you to use energy to balance the situation out. This means that even a lazy dip can contribute to making you more tired and thus more likely to sleep.

Increase Value of House

We admit that you shouldn’t install a pool solely for this purpose, as it will take some time to feel the fruits of our investment but having a pool does add value to a property. In warmer regions, home-seekers look for houses with in-ground pools and are often drawn to houses with gleaming pools in the garden. It is important to note that the pool needs to be well-maintained and relatively low-cost to manage. No one is keen on a property that has excessive costs attached to it. Fibreglass swimming pools are often a great option as they have a high initial installation cost but very low costs for maintenance.

Social Booster

It’s no secret that the best times happen at a pool party. Choosing a host for social gatherings, particularly in summer months, usually boils down to who has a swimming pool. Swimming pools just have a way of getting people together. From the seniors in the family all the way down to the toddlers, there’s always fun to have at the pool and what’s more, it gets friends and neighbors over too. It’s sad to admit but often, we need an excuse to spend time with each other amidst our busy schedules. On a hot summer’s day, a swimming pool provides the temptation of a glorious dip, stealing us from our deadlines and commitments.

More Hygienic

This may seem like an obvious one but often we disregard the striking advantage of a backyard pool…It is CLEANER. A lot cleaner! Public swimming pools are infested with germs and can lead to unwelcome issues such as Athletes foot and Swimmers Ear. Though your own pool requires a lot of maintenance, chances are it’s a more sanitary environment than the local pool spot (at least we hope so!).

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