10 Points to Note While Hiring a moving Company in Louisiana

We discuss 10 points to consider while you hire a moving company in Louisiana. This will ensure that your stuff reach the new home safe.

With so many things to do on a moving day, such as packing all your belongings, procedures involve changing the address and saying goodbye to friends, you would be too busy on your last day in Louisiana and the best way to over this issue is to hire a good moving company in Louisiana. But you need to be highly specific about the mover as you don’t want some tom, dick, and harry to touch your personal belongings.

To ensure that your moving company is a perfect choice, it is important to consider other things, such as reputation, insurance coverage, licensing, and more. We discuss 10 key factors you should consider before hiring a moving company.

 1. How long the company is in business?

One of the primary points to consider is the experience. Your moving company in Louisiana needs to be a minimum of 5 years old. It needs to have the expertise to handle all sorts of belongings. Also, someone with a good history will be naturally more reliable. If you hire a mover born yesterday, it’s hard to tell about its credentials. The lack of a long list of clientele and a satisfying feedback section can be a drawback.   

2. Confirm it has the licensee and insurance

Always confirm that your mover is properly licensed and registered. This is a must to ensure that your belongings are in safe hands. If you aren’t sure how to check this out, look at the company website. A mover will have to mention this either on the homepage or in an About Us section. If you are still clueless, ask the company for proof of its insurance or whether it is a member of the Better Business Bureau. Confirm the mover is accredited with Better Business Bureau by checking the BBB website.

3. What type of moving services are offered?

There is no common menu on the services rendered. For every moving company, the type of services will be different. Though most movers perform home delivery of household items, there are a few companies that do not deliver belongings at home. You need to skip its services. Similarly, hire a moving company that offers delivery of your belongings in your area.   

4. How good it is in handling special items?

While you hire a mover in Louisiana, confirm it has the potential to handle special items at home, such as the aquarium, antique painting, or a piano. Glass utensils, sculptures or guns also fall into special items as they require proficiently trained workers. Your mover must have experience in handling both heavy and fragile items intact. 

5. Check the reviews online

Read the reviews online and understand how the moving company treats its clients. This will help you know whether clients are happy with the quality of services offered by the mover. Confirm whether the reviews are genuine. Several online review sections might have anonymous feedbacks and these need to be ignored. Evaluate genuine feedbacks and conclude. 

6. Find the company’s service area

Confirm if the mover in Louisianadelivers services in your area. The mover will be having a map of areas served or a list of areas they serve. Even if the company has a good reputation, you should not hire it unless the service is not provided in your area.

7. What about the quality of packing materials? 

Confirm that the packing materials are of high quality. This is vital because your belongings need to move thousands of miles away. 

8. Do not pay large deposit

You need to know that no genuine moving company will demand a huge deposit in advance. Being confident of its service, it will charge only after the delivery of household items at the new home. And if the moving company asks you for an advance deposit, it might be a rogue one.  

9. Avoid moving companies with a name switch

Check the background of the moving company and confirm that there have been no name changes in the past, a few bad apples in the industry switch names to evade legal issues and this means it is not a trustworthy moving company.  

10. Always beware of hidden costs

Confirm that your moving company quote has no hidden costs. Read the moving quote multiple times to ensure it is transparent as a few moving companies indulge in this unethical practice of charging extra for flimsy reasons on a moving day, disrupting your entire moving budget.

Research properly and hire the best moving company in Louisiana. You will have the best day.




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