10 Common SEO errors that can hurt your business
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You have a high chance of your website being found in search engines like Google if you apply the SEO technique correctly to web development.

This article will discuss the most common mistakes in SEO. There are many SEO mistakes that can lead to pages being deindexed, such as changing the meta robots tag.

And you should hire a digital specialist to avoid these errors. Also, there are projects that have thousands of 404 errors and very slow loading times.

URL structure

It doesn’t matter if your website has 100 URLs or 10,000 URLs. You need to arrange them so you can later work on internal links and strengthen the position of different sections.

The important thing here is that Google can track your website more easily, so the tracking budget will increase and we will get better results with our SEO strategy.


There are many errors in the robots.txt files. There are many errors, from pages that should not be blocked but should be indexed using search engines to settings that have been copied from other robots.txt files on the Internet.

This file will be created automatically if you have a project created using any CMS. However, it is important that you always check it to ensure that it does not block any routes that the bot should have access to.

Meta tags

Meta tags are often misunderstood or unrelated to the content of the page. This is one of our most common mistakes.

Each meta tag must be unique and contain the keyword relevant to the current content. If possible, should include a Call To Action in the meta description to prompt the user to click.


Although sitemaps are generated automatically by almost all CMS available on the market, it’s sometimes necessary to optimize them.

These settings verify that the structure of your sitemap does not contain redirected pages or have 404 errors.


Every website should have an SSL certificate to ensure that its pages are secure and provide a great user experience.

It is possible for some URLs to be left behind when migrating to HTTPS. These URLs usually contain images or links that were manually entered.

Upload speed

SEO strategies must consider loading times. Websites that load in excess of 10 seconds take longer than recommended.

This can be caused by poor hosting choices, large images, compression of CSS or JS files, and other factors.


We often forget to set a preferred domain, and we leave out the correct redirects.

  • HTTP://
  • http//www.
  • HTTPS://
  • https://www.

We must only define, the third most popular and recommended option at the SEO level.

404 errors

Google will give a 404 error if any of your pages are not present or the redirection is not completed. You must indicate a redirection from these pages to avoid a bad user experience. Google will not penalize you if you do.

Responsive Design

Google’s main ranking factor is mobile devices. Our mobile site is crucial to our positioning. A website without a responsive design will be a negative experience for Google and the user. This will make it difficult to compete with the rest.


If we use a Content Management System like WordPress, the parameters can be controlled and friendly URLs established.

To avoid issues with parameters, you must first define the HTML tag on all pages. Next, indicate which parameters you want to block using the Google tool or the robots.txt files.