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10 Best Offline Zombie Games For Android

Your job is to lead a group of fellow companions through to a zombie-free destination. Into the dead zombie survival latest update introduces the Puma companion with Hunter’s Call ability – Draw out the hordes for more kills! In no small part, the popularity and straight-up terrifying nature of the Resident Evil games is responsible for the zombie trend that has lasted for more than two decades.
Chinese publishing studio Tencent Interactive Entertainment released a trailer for a new mobile game they are currently developing. What makes this particular title so noteworthy is how inspired it seems to be by Western games in the same genre such as Days Gone, Metal Gear Survive, Left for Dead, and State of Decay. Back 4 Blood is an action-packed cooperative first-person action from the highly popular Left 4 Dead series developers. You’re smack dab in the middle of a battle with the Ridden.

What is the coolest horror game?

  • Phasmophobia.
  • Dead by Daylight.
  • Metro Exodus.
  • Resident Evil Village.
  • The Evil Within 2.
  • Alien: Isolation.
  • Condemned: Criminal Origins.
  • Darkwood.

If one was under the impression that they were short in numbers on mobile devices, then they would be sadly mistaken. Moreover, he includes realistic effects and awesome environments that you experience every time you enter the app . It’s even narrated by actors who dub characters and that makes it a lot more original and interesting. It is also considered an immersive game with customizable controls , offering 20 hours of game and 10 full hours of special missions . It exposes the evolving artificial intelligence of zombies that compels you to stay alert at all times, allows you to unlock 13 character upgrades and use incredibly realistic weapons . By managing this game you can save your progress in the cloud and even invite your friends .

Zombie Diary & Zombie Diary 2: Evolution

The graphics, gameplay, survival elements and more are all on point and for you to enjoy. What better way to celebrate death than to round up some of the best zombie games ever made. The Walking Dead No Man’s Land is a game that takes the story of a person who lives and survives on an island. Where the island is filled with zombies, and your task here is to eradicate the zombies on the island with your colleagues.

  • Not just zombies, but so much more to kill in Dead Effect 2.
  • As dusk falls, move the battle to the mansion and be careful of that central courtyard, or fight around the estate grounds.
  • Zombies have been an all-time favourite amongst gamers since time immemorial.
  • It’s time to enjoy more than ever with Zombie City Master as you put yourself in the shoes of a young girl who has survived the terrible zombie apocalypse ravaging her city.
  • Your main enemies are zombies who already control the world.

When the whole party dies, the chapter must be restarted or another chapter/mini-game played. If the game has not initiated so far, they could really enter the lobby to begin the match. Alternatively, if a chapter is unlocked, they could indeed end up voting to begin from that chapter. If the game has already initiated, new players commence out as spectators. Zombie Tycoon is another tycoon game to add to the list, which is currently quite popular on Roblox, although it’s a bit different from the others. So, today we continue with our top 15 list of some of the best Zombie games in Roblox.

Zombie Catchers

This is purely a multiplayer game so bear this in mind before purchasing. You’ll be playing in 5-minute deathmatches with up to 5 other people. Its charming characters and witty dialogue fit the story, and the world is crafted with varieties of zombies to kill.

What is the longest video game?

  • The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (Complete) Longest Video Games of All Time.
  • Fallout: New Vegas. Longest Video Games of All Time.
  • Divinity: Original Sin II. Longest Video Games of All Time.
  • Baldur's Gate II.
  • Final Fantasy XII.
  • Xenoblade Chronicles II.
  • Persona 5 Royal.
  • Rainbow Moon.

This is as close to a Dead Space game as you can get on mobile. Zombies have been a staple of video games for decades now, almost becoming an annoying cliche. If you need an easy monster, throw in a few shambling undead bullet sponges and call it a day. We’ve rounded up the best zombie games–titles that take this classic concept to the next level. These games use their monsters to create intense tension or examine the zombie apocalypse in new and interesting ways.

So although this is not a definitive and comprehensive zombie game list for Android, I tried to include a lot of types of zombie games you may want to play. You will go through levels which are essentially side-scrolling rooms that have zombies as obstacles. Fancy a companion dog so that the zombie apocalypse won’t be as boring? At the moment, the game will give you 7 chapters worth of playing time, and a lot challenges within the game, so the only question is how long you will survive. Originally released in 2013, The Last of Us remains one of the best survival video games ever made.

  • The fourth entry on this list, Zombeast, with a Google Play rating of 4.3, is another alternative for COD mobile if players want to fight off the undead monsters exclusively.
  • This game is one of the hottest zombie games for smartphones and is available on iOS and Android.
  • Many online zombies also provide the feature to enjoy games with your friends.
  • On the road to survival, you will encounter multiple survivors and become their leader.
  • The game has you ferrying a bunch of survivors across a giant landmass.

Zombie Killing Call of Killers is the best zombie shooter game that can be played online and free. The zombie characters here are made very scary and you have to eradicate the zombies until the zombies run out. Android zombie games are included as the most fun Android game category to play both offline and online. In addition there are several Android zombie games that offer single player or multiplayer games. Telltale’s The Walking Dead series is one of the best zombie games of all time. While other zombie titles would have you on a head chopping/blowing spree, this point and click puzzle/adventure explores the human side of the zombie apocalypse.

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Just like everyone says; the scenes and art are beautiful and captivating. Death Road to Canada is a Randomly Generated Road Trip Action-RPG. Players have to manage a car as they explore cities to face up to 500 zombies at once. Dead Trigger is a FPS with zombies and has great gameplay. Plants vs Zombies 2 is the sequel of the award-winning action-strategy game Plants vs Zombies. This is a free and casual adventure game offered by Electronic Arts. This is available for Android devices and iOS that requires 8.0 or later.

If you’re searching for a greater challenge, you may also play by yourself. Verruckt, Kino, and Nacht, three legendary Call of Duty zombie levels, are reimagined in Roblox’s Recoil Zombies. Alexandra is a freelance writer and digital creative with a passion for narrative-driven games. When not writing, reading or exploring the wilds of an open-world RPG, she’s often binge-watching the MCU or learning the ropes of creating interactive fiction.

You can spend hours on this game without even realizing it. This game is a little different from the other zombie games out there. Where in other games you have killed the zombie horde, this game offers you to be one of them. You play as Lee Everett, a convicted murderer who finds himself as the protector of an orphaned little girl named Clementine.